meandering part 1

so who is this for. doesn't really matter. i guess it's just an exercise to see if i can somehow get back inside it all. it has been so long. trying to get up earlier. 5:30 to be exact. trying to find my way to very important things. this whole thing about living inside a computer messes me up somehow. hard to bring things to fruition. on to shooting something else before i complete my current thought. nothing seems to have a chance to breathe. something to work on. and so...i'm thinking that if i just have this conversation with this damn webuniverse..this unknown little vortex of nothingness and everything...well maybe i can find some sort of merging. maybe the hands that like to sew and build can communicate with the hands that like to roam across the air waves. so we'll just see. and be kindof quiet about it. it's an experiment.