what's that?

the sun's out.
not familiar noises.
so i am sitting inside a stalled car on this road.
i am writing to you to let you know that i may not be alone.
dog, raymond, went out.
sound is now over my head. a whirring sound.
do they know i am beneath the clouds.
shhh. must be quiet for now.

heading towards old cuba

it has been mostly dark outside for what seems like months. i lost my watch...or really something killed the battery. so i have no time. i sleep for a few hours and then i walk. i am heading towards the old cuba area. i recall reading somewhere that atlantis was there and that we built a tunnel system from floridian mainland down into the waters and over to atlantis. supposedly, because the people who relocated there were under water during the rising, they are still thriving. i am not so lonely anymore. i found a friend. a dog. he hasn't let me photograph him yet, but once he does, i will show him to you. reminds me of home. reminds me of normal days.
eating: chestnuts and spinach.
drinking: blue liquid.

i came across water

how many days has it been since i contacted you?
i have been busy with a sensitive project.
someone from the mainland had erased all of the cemeteries here.
they had written in the book that the space was needed for farming.
any ways i came across a semi scavenged lot..they must have left in a hurry.
never did any farming here.
so i found an old back hoe and filled everything in..i fenced it in with the gravestones
there wasn't a way to get them back into their rightful spots.
at least everyone will know that this place is sacred to people.
after that experience, i decided to head south east and i came across a big
lake. i will rest here for awhile.

new direction

keep moving keep moving keep moving.
for some reason, wandering through this town reminds me of the place i left. it's amazing that they have been here...that they were able to reach this place. it's obvious by what was left behind that they couldn't stay long. this morning i found an old grocery store with unopened cans of food. i ate well today. the peaches were quite good and i found 17 boxes of the old school saltine crackers. i made a small fire and enjoyed soup and crackers. later on, i came across an old collective intelligence museum. either they never discovered this site or they left it untouched assuming that all of the reality mining that was being stored was so outdated that the information would not be of use anymore. it seemed pretty random to me..files of people's histories consisted mainly of credit card purchases, computer correspondances, cell phone dialogues, and financials. so many similarities regardless of class or political affiliation. what they didn't keep track of well is what would have been the most interesting. sometimes i wish that no mans land was without history..that every bit of this land was fresh and untouched. but i would probably sometimes miss all of that history..i would miss wondering about other realities. sometimes remaining open to scars can lead to some pretty interesting stories. still, it's really beautiful here. quiet. i like that.
inside. i came across what seemed to be an old town. there's a strange mound of earth that sits on the southwest corner of this place. the town is scattered with buildings-not very dense so i guess that they must have torn some of them down and some just gave way to either the war or the weather. i wandered through an old hospital soaked in mold from sitting so long without attention. there is one room on the third floor that is covered in a rich green moss and there are two trees grown to nearly full maturity. it's quite beautiful, but still i think that it would be better if i had a mask to wear. the bathing room has beautiful sunlight today...two tubs side by side. there are old barrels of rations from some wartime in the past...before the one that i heard about most when i was back there. this place has lots of broken windows. must have been the cutters who broke them...trying to escape from their minds. i came across an old guard's uniform and decided to put it in my bag in case i need it later on. if i come across anyone, i may need an identity to share..i didn't stay inside the hospital long. i heard some rustling about outside. off in the distance, on that mound i mentioned, i saw two monkeys digging a hole and burying something. maybe i should go dig it up or if they see me, perhaps i will bury something here where i am standing.

great night's rest.
documentation:view looking back at the rest of it.

going there

i just took off...randomly leaving my doorstep walking in the direction towards no mans land..i hope...it was a challenge to get out.. all of society was pulling me back in. mounds of information. mounds of papers and conversations and so many things immediate and urgent..so many priorities, but the earth feels good. cold. the sound started to quiet down as soon as i left. i hope that no one is there. well...actually, it would be nice to run into raymond..perhaps i will even try to track him down. he's always good for a chat and a whisky...but for now, i just want to walk. it's autumn. the soil beside the broken concrete path is wet and smells alive..strange as i remember so much desert in no mans land. just out on the edge of no mans land...the other night...a man was run down with a car. there were lots of witnesses..we even heard something of it...i don't know why on the same road less than a week ago, people were dancing in the streets singing 'ding dong the witch is dead' and now less than a week later, a pedestrian gets run down with a beat up old van. these are good reasons to leave...to go to a quieter place...this world is getting a little crazy.

meandering part 1

so who is this for. doesn't really matter. i guess it's just an exercise to see if i can somehow get back inside it all. it has been so long. trying to get up earlier. 5:30 to be exact. trying to find my way to very important things. this whole thing about living inside a computer messes me up somehow. hard to bring things to fruition. on to shooting something else before i complete my current thought. nothing seems to have a chance to breathe. something to work on. and so...i'm thinking that if i just have this conversation with this damn webuniverse..this unknown little vortex of nothingness and everything...well maybe i can find some sort of merging. maybe the hands that like to sew and build can communicate with the hands that like to roam across the air waves. so we'll just see. and be kindof quiet about it. it's an experiment.