going there

i just took off...randomly leaving my doorstep walking in the direction towards no mans land..i hope...it was a challenge to get out.. all of society was pulling me back in. mounds of information. mounds of papers and conversations and so many things immediate and urgent..so many priorities, but the earth feels good. cold. the sound started to quiet down as soon as i left. i hope that no one is there. well...actually, it would be nice to run into raymond..perhaps i will even try to track him down. he's always good for a chat and a whisky...but for now, i just want to walk. it's autumn. the soil beside the broken concrete path is wet and smells alive..strange as i remember so much desert in no mans land. just out on the edge of no mans land...the other night...a man was run down with a car. there were lots of witnesses..we even heard something of it...i don't know why on the same road less than a week ago, people were dancing in the streets singing 'ding dong the witch is dead' and now less than a week later, a pedestrian gets run down with a beat up old van. these are good reasons to leave...to go to a quieter place...this world is getting a little crazy.